Ultimate Edition

The World of Jyotish


APA-Ultimate Edition Version 5.6

Attention: This version contains major updates in the atlas.

We are happy to inform you also that we have been able to increase the operation speed of the Muhurta tool and the data.input.


APA-Ultimate Edition Version 5.5.
New Features -

1. New Kundali Display Options:
There are two new options of Kundali display, i.e. options 5 and 6 (blue buttons 5 and 6 in the upper menu bar).
Both new options show a 2 + 6 view, i.e. Lagna and Navamsha Kundali + 6 Amsha Kundalis. All Amsha Kundalis can be defined by the user, including “Extra Kundalis” like Arudha etc.
This definition will be stored globally, i.e. it will be used for other persons as well. Like that the user can create his own set of Kundalis according to his preferences, which he may change again any time.

2. Data Entry:
Calling up locations is more safe now:
1. Prior to the location of birth the country must be entered.
2. Special characters for most countries* can now be ignored so that there is less dependence on keyboards providing these special characters.
* Scandinavia, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, and Turkey (partial).

3. Adjusting Font Size:
Here are the steps to adjust the font and/or its size:
Click “Extras” in the upper menu bar, then
--> Configurations -->Font.
Note: Don’t increase the size of the default font for the tables, since this wouldl not fit into the lines. However, you may increase the size of the default font for the dasha display.
In case you choose a different font for the tables you may adjust the size accordingly.

4. DLS and Time Zone:
For more than 6 months a lot of attention and work has been put in the research of historic documents to adjust the DLS and time zones of the following countries:

Countries along with the time frame in which corrections have been done
Netherlands 1944
Surinam 1883 – 1945
Luxembourg 1892 – 1940
Belgium 1880 – 1992
Japan 1948 – 1951
Malaysia 1942 – 1981
Korea 1897 – 1988
Thailand 1880 – 1920
Germany 1945 – 1948
Austria 1916 – 1980
Switzerland 1848 – 1942
Turkey 2011 – 2014
France 1891 – 1945
Denmark 1880 – 1940
Norway 1916
Sweden 1878 – 1900
Island 1837 – 1918
UK 1847 – 1967
Ireland 1880 – 1981

5. Fixes: A number of fixes have been done.

6. View closeness to Madhya

In the Chalit Kundali with equal Bhavas the distance of the Grahas to the Madhya is displayed in the tooltip of the Grahas.
" + " means that the longitude of the Graha has progressed further than that of the Madhya, i.e. the Graha moves away from the Madhya in direct motion. If he is retrograde (wakra) it is vice versa.
" - " means that the longitude of the Graha is less than that of the Madhya, i.e. the Graha
is approaching the Madhya. If he is retrograde (wakra), it is vice versa.

There are two ways of how to access the Chalit Kundali:
Clicking on button ”4” to the right of the person’s name, opens the Kundali automatically in the lower right corner of the display
Access the Kundali over the Kundali menu:
1. Click on at the lower left corner below any chosen Kundali
2. Then click on “Additional Kundalis”
3. and then on “Chalit”.

7. Triggering MD-AD-PD-Combinations of Grahas

There is a MD-AD-PD-combination for each Graha based on his Nakshatra-Position. When this combination is identical with the current Vimshottari Dasha Lord combination, then the effect of this Grahas is triggered in addition to the effect of the Vimshottari Dasha.

E.g. Surya (SY) in 1°54’07 Mitthuna corresponds to the Dasha Lord combination of Ma-Kt-Kt. Therefore, in the Vimshottari Dasha of Ma-Kt-Kt additionally the effect of Sy gets triggered.

This information is given in the Nakshatra tooltip for each Graha. Additionally this information can be found in overview 2, column 6, called “tDC “(triggering Dasha Lord Combination).